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Microsoft Employee in Warsaw

Warsaw Office

Since 2014 I have joined Microsoft Services as a full time employee. I thought before posting next articles on this site, that i should clarify a few things and impressions.  as well it’s a general update :)

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UX Poland 2014 : Workshop with Jeff Parks

Jeff Parks and the Valid Business quotes

I went to Jeff Parks’ practical workshop on managing end user and client needs. With great luck I met Sabrina, EwaŁukasz and Kamila who made the workshop memorable and the subsequent conference a very friendly and inspiring place. Read on

Push to Kindle app update


Here is the list of additions and improvements:

  • Chinese language support has been added, thanks to Xu Tian!
  • The app will now be available worldwide, with the following languages
    • English (international version)
    • Chinese
    • French
    • Polish
    • Swedish
  • Improved translations in the different versions
  • Support for different kinds of kindle addresses to send to
  • Graphics and layout slightly improved, adhering more to Windows Phone style, and borrowing Keyvan’s Five Filters brand
  • Additional menu with options
    • Rate and review button, which brings you to the marketplace review form
    • Ask for help button, which shortcuts to write an email


Thanks to all the customers, and let me know any comments, or suggestions.

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Dashboard Dazzler Update

It has been terrifically long since the venerable Dashboard Dazzler app has received some attention. So I have remedied this, at last! Here are the new features.

Cute creatures

First, there are now many more creatures to choose from, including prehistorical ones. See the pictures for a non-exhaustive account of all the animals you can shake!


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Romantic Candle Updates

Candle Colors

By far the most popular app I have released yet, the Candle has been now downloaded 20 000 times all over the world, keeping at a pace of 40-70 downloads a day!

Perhaps the choice of words and upcoming celebration of Valentine’s day are for something in these figures?

In the end the quality is also quite high, as the app crashed a mere 11 times since its inception worldwide, and reviews are more often positive than not. There have been requests for music, slower burning speed and generally a good response once the initial hype died out.

Here are the news I would like to share with you now: Read on

Romantic Candle app is released!

Romantic Candle

Download Now from the Windows Store

Please send any feedback to in order to be heard, and hope you like it :)

Romantic Candle soon out

A candle scenery

If all goes well, another Windows Phone app will be available soon, and for free!

Keep you posted with a link when it happens, and in the meanwhile, i can say it’s an exercise in animation and graphic design, which involves a scenery of candles that burn. The starting point was a romantic setting, but they can generally be used anytime one has to snap out of the phone situations, and concentrate on a specific social settings.

The concept is that the user can have a candle on screen, or a scenery of several that burn and flicker independently. You can also pick a color for each of them, among the currently supported ones (White, Pink, Blue, Purple, Orange and Green).


Windows phone apps: 1000 downlads!

Quick landmark, since last year, the three apps combined were downloaded more than a thousand times!

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App Yours! 3/3 My apps

Without further ado here’s finally the three apps i submitted to Windows Phone Market: Banana, Push to Kindle and Dashboard Dazzler!


Which came first, Banana or Man? One of many questions that this app will _NOT_ answer. However, intensely intellectual reactions were sparked thanks to it, such as this favorite pearl from twitter:

Friend shows app to someone
– It’s pointless!
– Yes, that’s the point.

App yours 2/3: Windows Phone 7 OS

I promised an article about Windows Phone 7, and my first impressions after using it for a while. I must say, it’s damn impressive what this manages to do, and washes away any and all preconceptions about Microsoft i can ever have. It’s ballsy, colorful, no-nonsense, reliable, smooth, fast…… really… All these qualities, a few years ago, would never crowd a sentence containing Microsoft. Something must have been right, and the fierce competition from Android and Apple surprisingly made Crosoft the outsider, for once. What makes it feel so right? Let’s review a few of my observations.

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