Without further ado here’s finally the three apps i submitted to Windows Phone Market: Banana, Push to Kindle and Dashboard Dazzler!


Which came first, Banana or Man? One of many questions that this app will _NOT_ answer. However, intensely intellectual reactions were sparked thanks to it, such as this favorite pearl from twitter:

Friend shows app to someone
– It’s pointless!
– Yes, that’s the point.

Banana is the answer! Ever been bored at a meeting that drags on forever?


Ever been lost in the streets and desperate for friends?


Ever got socially awkward with a kid you don’t know?


Ever got existentially bored and desperate for something to mistreat?


If you have a windowsphone and are mildly adventurous, here’s the link, to see what it’s all about:


Credits: Alejandro Valenzuela and Johan Strandberg for helping the idea happen, and for a future Android port ;)


This app, on the other hand has a clear purpose: send any article you find on the web onto your kindle reader.

It is a direct port of the Android version published by the FiveFilters company, with the exception that windows phone didn’t support sending a link directly from the browser using a share menu. Instead, the link must be copy/pasted by hand. But the result, using FiveFilters.org’s service is simply awesome. You get the article in a matter of minutes, converted in Kindle format and with all the usual webpage elements stripped out so you see only the great text you wanted to read…

You don’t even need to send that file to your Kindle, as the FiveFilters server will simply relay your document to the kindle via email. I highly recommend also the Chrome extension, which allows to do just that as well: forward web articles to your kindle!

As of August 2012, Swedish, French and Polish are also supported alongside English. A chinese version is also in preparation, awaiting for final translations ;)

Here’s how it looks -frenchversion-, along with the link:

Me for technical port, testing and deploying. FiveFilters for original idea, webservice, and most of the design. Oh, and support :)

Dashboard Dazzler

 The last application is a landmark in the universe of mobile phones, and possibly the only one of its kind on Windows Phone: a bobbing head creature simulator!

The graphics took some time to find, but they are adding the dimension of irresistible cuteness that was required to make this celebration of shaking your phone just exquisite…

Take a look at the pics, but i am preparing a video that will do this justice ! (i dare not say “shortly”)


Here’s the link to go along with it and appreciate the cuteness of Lemmling’s drawings.

 Credits: Anna Kaczmarek for the lovely idea, Lemmling for graphic design, Me for execution and interaction.