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Articles in "Digital life tips"

Keyboard Shortcuts. Because we’re worth it.

You probably already know these: Ctrl + C : copy selection Ctrl + X : cut the selection But how about some more obscure ones? Here are a few keyboard shortcuts that save some frustrations in most programs. They are simple, and there are only a few occurrences when it doesn’t work. Actually, most of  Continue Reading »

Smooth scrolling in Chrome

Scrolling in Chrome is bare. It’s tailored for speed, but actually i like to have a bit of a momentum effect to economize mouse scrolls. The best example to date being the scrolling on Mac OSX, which actually accumulates the momentum, so only a few gestures and the scrolling is both faster and further, which  Continue Reading »

Self-presentation with Prezi

This is a version of my CV I created on a very cool presentation tool called Prezi. The whole idea is to play with zoom and movements, so it is essentially a mind map on which you can navigate and zoom. Click the “play” button at the bottom to follow my defined navigation points and  Continue Reading »

Embed a wave in your own page

This section contains an embedded public google wave. It can be severely rocky, and requires a compliant web-browser with cookies activated. I test below if you use Internet Explorer 7 and up or not, but by experience recent Safari, Firefox and bleeding edge Opera browsers can render it. Oh, and by the way, it requires a  Continue Reading »