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Articles in "Notable events"

Microsoft Employee in Warsaw

Since 2014 I have joined Microsoft Services as a full time employee. I thought before posting next articles on this site, that i should clarify a few things and impressions.  as well it’s a general update :)

UX Poland 2014 : Workshop with Jeff Parks

I went to Jeff Parks’ practical workshop on managing end user and client needs. With great luck I met Sabrina, Ewa, Łukasz and Kamila who made the workshop memorable and the subsequent conference a very friendly and inspiring place.

Live from Paris: Surface v2 Release

Monday and Tuesday was the French release of Microsoft Surface v2. In this occasion, i was sent as an ambassador of Touchtech to present a few of the apps we’ve made over the last months. Here’s a couple of videos that were taken during the event, showing the Nobia application but also Social Timeline. Enjoy!  Continue Reading »

Volvo exhibition at Lindholmen now!

I’ve never shed any light on my activities at Touchtech, but there’s been a couple of projects since i came in. One project was a timeline/media viewer for the museum at Kalmar Slott, one media viewer for Volvo Safety and their exhibition in Australia which will continue to be used in another exhibition in Brazil  Continue Reading »

Thesis fikazation

First, serious business… Then, an even more serious business takes place….

Semla Day Tomorrow!

What kind of website would it be, without the occasional “additional flavors”?! The traditional Fat Tuesday has finally come, and people can eat fancy crêpes to no limit  in France…. Or the Swedish alternative, the deliciously creamy – almond-filled semla! To all lucky inhabitants of Göteborg, here’s a link to the best semla sellers of  Continue Reading »

Creativity and Collaboration (4/4)

Maria Sundin, lecturer on Astronomy and Physics took the next discussion. Once again, there was a great contrast in style compared to the previous talk. This one was also very dynamic and educative but didn’t rely on any visuals until the end. The discourse however was very understandable and inspirational. She spoke about collaboration between  Continue Reading »

Creativity and Collaboration (3/4)

The next speaker is Asok Abraham George from Volvo Trucks, where he is Chief Designer. This offers a stark contrast in approach compared to the previous speaker: the use of presentation slides and the involvement of the audience with games is well rehearsed and really effective. As a result, it was a very agreeable show  Continue Reading »

Creativity and Collaboration (2/4)

  Moving from people of science, Jane introduced Pia Muchin a body expression teacher from the University of Gothenburg. Her status seems quite flexible, being freelance and employed at the same time. She participated in a broad range of artistic projects from theatre to opera, and usually gets involved in all kinds of artistic creation  Continue Reading »

Creativity and Collaboration (1/4)

Last month Jane Philbrick and Kolbjörn Tunström organised a very inspirational seminar at Valand School of Fine Arts, Göteborg. It was part of a course they held about collaboration between art and science. Please join us for a range of guests speakers of diverse professions — who discuss their methodologies, inspirations, toward discovering and illuminating  Continue Reading »