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Microsoft Employee in Warsaw

Since 2014 I have joined Microsoft Services as a full time employee. I thought before posting next articles on this site, that i should clarify a few things and impressions.  as well it’s a general update :)

Live from Paris: Surface v2 Release

Monday and Tuesday was the French release of Microsoft Surface v2. In this occasion, i was sent as an ambassador of Touchtech to present a few of the apps we’ve made over the last months. Here’s a couple of videos that were taken during the event, showing the Nobia application but also Social Timeline. Enjoy!  Continue Reading »

Kitchen Moodboard App Done!

Here’s a pilot-project made by Touchtech in which i had most of the responsibility for the design and GUI implementation. It’s made as much as what we do in Touchtech – that is, microsoft based technologies C# and XAML / WPF. Have a look at the following page for a nice presentation made by the  Continue Reading »

Volvo exhibition at Lindholmen now!

I’ve never shed any light on my activities at Touchtech, but there’s been a couple of projects since i came in. One project was a timeline/media viewer for the museum at Kalmar Slott, one media viewer for Volvo Safety and their exhibition in Australia which will continue to be used in another exhibition in Brazil  Continue Reading »

HDK music vase

Here is the work of Kazuaki Hibino, student at the School of Arts and Design (HDK). His creation originated from a very simple idea, but his attention to shapes and purposes made it very thoughtful and elegant. Arguably, this is technically not very advanced (though not trivial), but it easily compensates with a quality that  Continue Reading »

Thesis fikazation

First, serious business… Then, an even more serious business takes place….

Thesis prezentation and end

That’s it! It was presented today with all due honors, with a Prezi that for the first time was used with so much content. The whole audience was interested, asked relevant questions, and the work got even forwarded to a PHD student, for its relevance with his work. The subsequent fika was equally interesting, with  Continue Reading »

Thesis sent, horizons defile

Today, I sent the final draft of thesis to the supervisor. It took ages to report and reflect on different issues, related to this large (if not in scope, in duration) project that is tabletop fika design… All in all, the structure is based on 7 parts :

Thesis ideas poll

Please help fill out my poll! Hopefully as dweller of göteborg you will benefit for the project in the end! I intend to wrap up the poll on friday, so thanks for anyone who can help me choose an idea to go for! Here it goes:

Touch G

I started working on my master’s thesis in collaboration with a local company in Goteborg named TouchTech. My focus is on the use of big multitouch screens for non-commercial purposes. In particular, how they can engage people in local political issues. I say politics but in fact it’s just topics of local and specific interest.  Continue Reading »