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Articles in "Technology"

App yours 2/3: Windows Phone 7 OS

I promised an article about Windows Phone 7, and my first impressions after using it for a while. I must say, it’s damn impressive what this manages to do, and washes away any and all preconceptions about Microsoft i can ever have. It’s ballsy, colorful, no-nonsense, reliable, smooth, fast…… really… All these qualities, a few  Continue Reading »

App Yours! Part 1/3 : Nokia Lumia 800

Last week , i received a brand new Nokia Lumia 800, as gift for having published 3 apps for Windows Phone 7. I managed to make 2 by myself, but the last one i had difficulty to test it without the phone in question so Johan Strandberg helped me create the last one. I’ll make  Continue Reading »

HDK music vase

Here is the work of Kazuaki Hibino, student at the School of Arts and Design (HDK). His creation originated from a very simple idea, but his attention to shapes and purposes made it very thoughtful and elegant. Arguably, this is technically not very advanced (though not trivial), but it easily compensates with a quality that  Continue Reading »

Google Wave

Google wave is officially to be “abandoned”. Past the surprise, the bitterness. Apparently, the all-in-wonder tool of Google didn’t get the user adoption it required to be continued. Still, the reasons behind this are puzzling. Google repeatedly makes actions towards collaboration in groups. To cite a few initiatives, Google Groups (awkward, but somewhat functional to  Continue Reading »

Göteborg Vélib

This summer, the city of Göteborg installed a new system to rent bikes. What i didn’t know, is that it is the exact same system that has been in Paris for years. Here’s the french one:

Self-presentation with Prezi

This is a version of my CV I created on a very cool presentation tool called Prezi. The whole idea is to play with zoom and movements, so it is essentially a mind map on which you can navigate and zoom. Click the “play” button at the bottom to follow my defined navigation points and  Continue Reading »