This summer, the city of Göteborg installed a new system to rent bikes. What i didn’t know, is that it is the exact same system that has been in Paris for years.

Here’s the french one:

And here’s the Swedish one:

And by that time, i didn’t specifically pay attention to its archaism, but the Swedish newspapers definitely wished to expose it ! The result is this: a test of the system by Göteborgs posten, with disastrous results: only half of the people observed managed to actually rent a bike without rent.

See the video of some very confused people in swedish in this link. If you have the patience to listen to it, you’ll hear some cursing about the “french programmers” :)

Later, I performed my own study on it, and found out that there is a lot to be desired. There’s no touch screen, but it looks and feels like it should be one. Instead you have to read the numbers and dial them on a numeric keypad to navigate. There’s no card reader, and for each rental, you have to enter 10 digits of your ticket, plus the 4 digit pincode. It gives you the impression that it hogs 2500kr (about 260€) for 3 days of supposedly free riding, but that is only the caution in case the bike is stolen.

But the worst yet is that the stations cover only a range of maybe 1km radius, while the city is very spread out and would rather have 3 km radius….