Marbodal (Swedish) version of the screen

Here’s a pilot-project made by Touchtech in which i had most of the responsibility for the design and GUI implementation. It’s made as much as what we do in Touchtech – that is, microsoft based technologies C# and XAML / WPF.

Have a look at the following page for a nice presentation made by the Nobia group (See Louise interviewed, who was our main contact at Nobia):

The purpose, as this demonstration shows, is to stimulate early discussions in kitchen – selling shops. Visitors may want to piece up a moodboard together, directly inside the shop in order to express better their tastes , what they’re interested in, or more personal topics such as family situation, whether they have pets or not. All in a non-intrusive way, while creating something meaningful.

When the pictures are assembled, visitors have the opportunity to send themselves the result by email, which is also automatically forwarded to a salesperson in case the visitor will come back. Therefore, it may have a positive impact by shortening the sales process.

The project is dispatched in Magnet (UK), Marbodal (Sweden), and Hygena (France, soon). Hopefully, the results in all three countries it is tested in will be good, and this project can develop further!