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Since 2014 I have joined Microsoft Services as a full time employee. I thought before posting next articles on this site, that i should clarify a few things and impressions.  as well it’s a general update :)


I am now obviously under some contractual conditions with Microsoft, however will give my Gentleman’s word to remain free of tone as possible on the subject.

With that out of the way, it is not retro-active and you can consider my previous posts on Microsoft and its technologies unbiased. In the future, i will obviously still remain balanced in my opinions and expressions (away from lowly propaganda, that is :))


Why I joined

With a background in Microsoft Technologies, touch interfaces and modern applications, Microsoft was a natural fit. Besides, with Satya Nadella at the helm and very strong innovative leadership, Microsoft is going through a renaissance and increased appreciation for good design in general, and taking  humanitarian, ethical and pragmatic issues taken head-on. For example, compliance to privacy and data protection laws in Azure (the Cloud Service), internet of things, accessibility. This all shows a strong push for forward-looking scenarios and of innovation within Microsoft’s Business customers.

The other major factor is the people within – that’s canny I know – are extremely smart, passionate and easy-going people in general. It feels great being a part of a global team, however there are many layers within Microsoft, and it may be hard to imagine for outsiders but it’s a world of its own. Impossible to know everyone, but so many approachable and talented people.

What i’m doing

I have joined initially the Microsoft Services Global Delivery division in Poland as a UX Consultant, in a team with many international colleagues with all sorts of skills. We consult for EMEA projects on a variety of industries, types of projects and technologies to provide the best possible applications of Microsoft Technologies. Unfortunately most of this work is under NDA or private to business customers (intranets, business applications mostly), so that explains a little why i’m not able to share much more about this.

Personally i’m involved with Interaction Design, prototyping, UI specification and customer workshops,  user researchvisual design, and assisting the whole process of getting the solution to be completed / following through to completion. Initially when there was more opportunity i was also implementing the UI, doing UI implementation in XAML or prototyping as well. Sometimes travelling onsite, but mostly working remotely and collaborating with international colleagues (many in India).

Some Travel, the Glamour side

In function, i had the chance so far to visit India, Norway, Germany, UK, Dubai, USA, Jersey Island, and etc. which is the very cool part and caused a number of adventures.


Charminar traffic and market by Guilhem on 500px.com

Hyderabad, India where many colleagues live

Breakfast by Guilhem on 500px.com

Hyderabad hotel breakfast…MMM

Bergen by Guilhem on 500px.com

Bergen, Norway

The Arabian Vegas by Guilhem on 500px.com  Dubai, UAE

City Slice by Guilhem on 500px.com Seattle, USA


seattle sunset by Guilhem on 500px.com  Seattle, USA

Londinius - Oxford St by Guilhem on 500px.com

London, UK

... by Guilhem on 500px.com  Frankfurt, Germany

Jersey - Elizabeth Castle by Guilhem on 500px.com

Jersey Island, Queens’ Castle


Now that this message is out of the way, i hope it gives more context to where i’m at, and what i may post about more in the future. Cheers!