This is a version of my CV I created on a very cool presentation tool called Prezi. The whole idea is to play with zoom and movements, so it is essentially a mind map on which you can navigate and zoom.

Click the “play” button at the bottom to follow my defined navigation points and move in the presentation. (takes ~30 clicks)

But feel free to use the map to zoom in and explore at your own will, click smaller elements that seem intriguing, or just zoom on areas of interest. At any time, you can resume following my predefined course.


  • Hover the mouse to the bottom of the frame to make controls appear.
  • Click the play buttons to navigate to next/previous points
  • Click and drag the mouse to move the map
  • Wheel of the mouse to zoom in/out
  • Click on a text or graphical element to focus on it (rotates automatically)
  • Click full Screen for best experience!