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Live from Paris: Surface v2 Release

Monday and Tuesday was the French release of Microsoft Surface v2. In this occasion, i was sent as an ambassador of Touchtech to present a few of the apps we’ve made over the last months.

Here’s a couple of videos that were taken during the event, showing the Nobia application but also Social Timeline. Enjoy!

Thanks to Benjamin and Somanna for shooting and spreading the video !

App Yours! Part 1/3 : Nokia Lumia 800

The Lumia 800 Packaging

Last week , i received a brand new Nokia Lumia 800, as gift for having published 3 apps for Windows Phone 7. I managed to make 2 by myself, but the last one i had difficulty to test it without the phone in question so Johan Strandberg helped me create the last one.

I’ll make three distinct articles in this great occasion:

  1. Nokia Lumia 800
  2. Windows Phone 7
  3. My Apps

Anyway, one week after the reception and living with it, here’s my current opinion on the actual Lumia hardware…

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Kitchen Moodboard App Done!

Marbodal (Swedish) version of the screen

Here’s a pilot-project made by Touchtech in which i had most of the responsibility for the design and GUI implementation. It’s made as much as what we do in Touchtech – that is, microsoft based technologies C# and XAML / WPF.

Have a look at the following page for a nice presentation made by the Nobia group (See Louise interviewed, who was our main contact at Nobia):

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Keyboard Shortcuts. Because we’re worth it.

You probably already know these:
Ctrl + C : copy selection
Ctrl + X : cut the selection

But how about some more obscure ones?

Here are a few keyboard shortcuts that save some frustrations in most programs. They are simple, and there are only a few occurrences when it doesn’t work. Actually, most of them also work in Linux and Mac, so they are truly a good investment!

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Volvo exhibition at Lindholmen now!

Deniz and the Volvo Innovation Lab application

I’ve never shed any light on my activities at Touchtech, but there’s been a couple of projects since i came in. One project was a timeline/media viewer for the museum at Kalmar Slott, one media viewer for Volvo Safety and their exhibition in Australia which will continue to be used in another exhibition in Brazil this fall. Another enigmatic project i worked on is currently exhibited by Volvo Technology in the Science Park at Lindholmen, Göteborg. Read on

HDK music vase

Here is the work of Kazuaki Hibino, student at the School of Arts and Design (HDK). His creation originated from a very simple idea, but his attention to shapes and purposes made it very thoughtful and elegant. Arguably, this is technically not very advanced (though not trivial), but it easily compensates with a quality that is very close to the notion of ensoulment so dear to Eli Blevis. This object is of the likes that you could develop a relationship with, and that’s why i think it is a great direction to invest in, from a consumer perspective.


MUSIC VASE from Kazuaki Hibino on Vimeo.

Note: i only helped him superficially with reading resources and technical advice, but i’m still glad to be affiliated with the project!

Thesis fikazation

First, serious business…

The room

Then, an even more serious business takes place….

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Thesis prezentation and end

That’s it! It was presented today with all due honors, with a Prezi that for the first time was used with so much content. The whole audience was interested, asked relevant questions, and the work got even forwarded to a PHD student, for its relevance with his work.

The subsequent fika was equally interesting, with semlas, rosé wine and most amazing of all, the AMADEUS fake champagne produced by Sweden – didn’t disappoint..  Pictures of the event shall follow, but for now, the serious stuff:


Smooth scrolling in Chrome

Scrolling in Chrome is bare. It’s tailored for speed, but actually i like to have a bit of a momentum effect to economize mouse scrolls. The best example to date being the scrolling on Mac OSX, which actually accumulates the momentum, so only a few gestures and the scrolling is both faster and further, which is quite natural AND cool, AND useful.

But how to achieve that magic in the stripped-down Chrome?

First step is to install an extension called Smooth Scrolling. It has the disadvantage of being very sensible to the CPU activity, so pages sometimes look much sluggish, and the defaults settings are not as smooth as MacOS.

Second step is to change these settings. Josh Time tuned it perfectly, so here’s the contemporary version of his screenshots. Enjoy!



There’s now another great extension for Chrome, which I can now recommend

Design and its political content

From Thoughtful Interaction Design, Stolterman & Löwgren, 2004.

Design is also a political and ideological activity. Since every design affects our possibilities for actions and our way of being in the world, it becomes a political and ideological action. Read on