Guilbored apps

2012 – 2016

In my spare time, I have designed, developed, released and maintained the following apps in the Windows Phone store:


Romantic Candle

When romance strikes, one has to be prepared to either leave their phones out of sight, or use them to enhance the mood.
This digital candle app burns over time and revives, allowing you to pick speed and colors to suit the atmosphere you are after.


Push to Kindle

This app allows to send web articles over wifi to your Kindle device, stripped of all the usual website clutter.
Try it out beforehand for free at


Dashboard dazzler

Remember the novelty item dog which bobs its head in cars? Pick one of the cartoon creatures drawn by Lemmling and see its head bob along with your phone’s movements!



The simplest sound board dedicated to bananas. Tapping the button spurts Bananas of random size and sound style, but this is a poor explanation.
Best experienced with large speakers!




2011 – 2014

As an Interaction Designer at Touchtech, I designed and implemented multi-touch user interfaces, mainly for horizontal (table) displays such as the Microsoft Pixelsense table, but also with conventional devices such as tablets and phones.
Here are some sample projects I have worked on.




Additional example: whack-it game at a fair.


Upp Göteborg – Master’s Thesis

2010 – 2011

Installation of two large multi-touch screens in Upp Göteborg, for the benefit of young unemployed people. Three applications were developed for that public space, to support the creation of a community there. Project in close collaboration with Touchtech AB, for the degree of master in Interaction Design with Chalmers.

video of the game video of the Entrance screen read the blog


School projects



An entertainment object which allows to analyse the user’s way of interacting. As a result of this analysis, a dynamically generated visualisation appears on a screen in the environment. The aim was to explore the differences between individuals, and embedding a representation of these differences in a home or corporate environment.

Watch our classmate Erik Johansson play with the cube below!

video know more




Installation which allows recording of recipes in an unobtrusive but efficient way.
Two webcams were installed over the kitchen workspace, allowing to record easily steps in the cooking process by small videos, which were then sent automatically to a website.

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Réveil à claques


An experiment of a physical way of waking up. Possibly not recommended for the old and the fragile…

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Other Projects




Public sculpture which dwelled in the Gothenburg canals for a week during the city festival “KulturKalas”, summer 2009.

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c d’a

(2006 – ongoing)

Instrumental solo project in my lost hours