Here is the list of additions and improvements:

  • Chinese language support has been added, thanks to Xu Tian!
  • The app will now be available worldwide, with the following languages
    • English (international version)
    • Chinese
    • French
    • Polish
    • Swedish
  • Improved translations in the different versions
  • Support for different kinds of kindle addresses to send to
    • @kindle.com
    • @free.kindle.com
    • @kindle.cn
  • Graphics and layout slightly improved, adhering more to Windows Phone style, and borrowing Keyvan’s Five Filters brand
  • Additional menu with options
    • Rate and review button, which brings you to the marketplace review form
    • Ask for help button, which shortcuts to write an email @fivefilters.org


Thanks to all the customers, and let me know any comments, or suggestions.

Download now from the Windows Store