Candle Colors

By far the most popular app I have released yet, the Candle has been now downloaded 20 000 times all over the world, keeping at a pace of 40-70 downloads a day!

Perhaps the choice of words and upcoming celebration of Valentine’s day are for something in these figures?

In the end the quality is also quite high, as the app crashed a mere 11 times since its inception worldwide, and reviews are more often positive than not. There have been requests for music, slower burning speed and generally a good response once the initial hype died out.

Here are the news I would like to share with you now:

Downloads Graph and Reviews

Many reviews are 5-star or 4, occasionally 3 stars or 2 stars, and quite many are also only 1 star, to be honest.

There are reactions of…

  • befuddlement “nice, but why?”
  • not impressed “not bad”
  • anger “nope. not even pretty looking”
  • exaltation “XCELLENT!!”
  • amazement “pointless, but well designed and i love it”
  • anecdotical “my wife likes it, but she complains it doesn’t smell”
  • religious callings “let’s pray”
  • playfulness “even if you don’t need a candle, it’s fun to play around with”
  • borat “NOT so nice”

…and the first ever reaction, which stands the test of time: quiet amusement. “This is realy nice!”

So, if anyone reads this: THANK YOU! I will keep improving the candle for your enjoyment and mine :)

The main issues of crashing and burning speed have now been fixed, and the update already available for download in the store.


I have now added 2 additional colors of the candles to suit different purposes: red and black. They can be romantic, or gothic as one wishes.

Another crucial refinement is that the color of the candles you picked is persistent. Whenever you reopen the app, your preferences will be restored.

Different Candle Scenes

Flame motion

There was also a need to make the candle more responsive, so I added a reaction when you tilt the phone. The candle light will tend to orient itself upwards, like a real one would. However, that revealed some performance issues whereby the framerate was too low. So I optimised the code a little bit to reach a nice fluid framerate again, and the flame now can dangle happily!

New settings menu

One can send a review, an email for suggestions, see some basic info about the app, and finally a settings page: you can now choose the overall speed of burning, which ranges from near-immortal to very quick, typically burned in a matter of seconds. The other entry shows the status of the motion sensor: if your phone doesn’t have a gyroscope, the flame will not move. If you are wondering why the flame doesn’t move, it could be the place to check for a reason why.

Finally, since the candle colors are easily changed and stored, I thought it would be a good idea to be able to restore the original colors, and original speed. The last button of the settings will do just this!

Candle Settings

Keep the feedback coming!

I hope the changes will suit your future plans, and that the enthusiastic reviews will keep flowing!

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