Deniz and the Volvo Innovation Lab application

I’ve never shed any light on my activities at Touchtech, but there’s been a couple of projects since i came in. One project was a timeline/media viewer for the museum at Kalmar Slott, one media viewer for Volvo Safety and their exhibition in Australia which will continue to be used in another exhibition in Brazil this fall. Another enigmatic project i worked on is currently exhibited by Volvo Technology in the Science Park at Lindholmen, Göteborg. It’s public and opened during regular hours, so i guess anyone who wishes to see the application is welcome :)

It’s a simple media viewer, which displays what Volvo technology currently researches about, in each major area : IT, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, … It’s an attempt at Metro-style controls, and a very simple interface so as to not lose the viewer in the wealth of information it displays… And using the limited capacities of the Surface 1 from Microsoft. Initially, we made it for an internal fair that Volvo worldwide organises every year, and it made its little effect so Volvo intends to use it again in the future~~ See it below, and at Lindholmen where it will stay until Thursday 15th of September :

Lindholmen Science Park and a Surface.